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At Stepp & Sullivan, our Houston, Texas divorce attorneys know that when parents of minor children decide to dissolve their marriages, child custody is often the largest point of contention.

Divorce is an incredibly emotional time, and the idea of having to share the children’s time between two households can lead to extended legal disputes and heated custody battles.

No matter how your child custody is determined whether you and your spouse can decide on your own, need the help of a mediator to negotiate the terms, or by a Texas family court judge having an experienced family law attorney by your side, operating as a legal advocate, is invaluable.

Here is why.

Partnering with a Child Custody Attorney Can Help Develop a Shared Parenting Plan

Not all divorces end in a heated courtroom battle.

Some parents can create divorce, child custody, and financial support agreements on their own.

While the court must sign off on these decisions to ensure their validity, a skilled child custody attorney can help outline the legal details of the agreement and develop a legally binding parenting plan.

When a family law attorney participates in the discussions and reviews the final document before giving it to the family court there is extraordinarily little room for the judge to do anything but sign off on the content, so the family can move forward with their lives.

Partnering with a Child Custody Lawyer During Mediation

Our skilled family law mediation attorneys can help you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse negotiate the terms of custody, visitation, and parenting plan agreements, so you can avoid involving the court in your dispute.

Alternative dispute resolution, like mediation, allows each parent to understand how the law sees their differences, so they know how the court will view their sticking points.

Once everyone has the necessary details to make informed decisions, the couple can come to a mutually beneficial agreement without any legal influences.

During mediation, your lawyer’s job is to represent and protect your legal rights and options, so you have confidence that you are making the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Partnering with a Child Custody Attorney During Litigation

When parents cannot make child custody decisions on their own or through mediation, they can take their case to court, where the judge will weigh the information presented by their attorneys and make decisions for them.

An experienced child custody attorney will fight for your rights, understand your wishes, and align the law with your requirements to build a compelling case on your behalf.

No matter your child custody needs, our skilled family law attorneys in Houston, Texas can help.

Contact Our Skilled Family Law Attorneys in Texas to Discuss Your Child Custody Needs

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