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As you seek a divorce, you must make multiple important decisions for yourself, including choosing who you want for legal representation. It’s customary to schedule an initial consultation with a firm before officially selecting a divorce attorney to hire. Your initial divorce consultation will be your opportunity to discuss your case and learn more about the attorney you’re considering, so you should bring some materials with you to ensure it’s productive.

Your initial divorce consultation will help you determine how to best proceed with your case. While what you bring and discuss in your consultation is important, so is the lawyer you choose to sit down with. With more than 40 years of combined experience, the knowledgeable Texas divorce attorneys at Stepp & Sullivan are committed to ensuring you accomplish your goals. Consider scheduling an initial consultation with our firm today. 

Evidence or Events Explaining Why You’re Seeking Divorce

In Texas, there is no requirement for fault grounds for divorce, but your attorney may find it helpful to understand the details of your divorce while negotiating certain areas of the case. A timeline of the events that led to your need for legal representation will help them visualize the scope of your relationship and potential areas of concern you may want to be addressed in your divorce agreement.

If you are requesting a fault divorce, you should also present any evidence supporting your grounds. Incriminating evidence can include images, video recordings, social media posts, or other material showing abuse or adultery. If you’re asking for a specific divorce award, like child custody, this evidence may be persuasive in your favor.

A List of Any Questions You Have

You’re bound to have a lot on your mind when you’re going through a divorce. At your meeting, you will likely have many concerns you want to address, so you should bring a list of them with you to keep track of them and the answers you get. With a list in hand, you will likely remember to discuss all the matters you find important during your appointment.

Make sure you include any questions about your case, such as your rights, assets, custody, and expectations for your case. The more inquiries you can get resolved throughout this period, the better. Having your questions answered by a professional will help you relax and give the divorce attorney a better understanding of your circumstance and goals.

You and Your Spouse’s Income, Liability, and Asset Information

Divorce lawyers frequently ask about your income and that of your spouse, so you may benefit from bringing documents like pay stubs or tax returns. Your income information will be one of the key factors taken into account when assessing topics like child support payments. Having your income information on hand will help give more accurate estimates.

A tax return might be even more helpful because it provides a clearer view of your yearly revenue and financial status. Additionally, this will put to rest any uncertainty regarding the monthly income earned by either spouse. It is also beneficial to verify your assets and liabilities, such as account balances, retirement account information, information about any real estate, and a thorough list of all outstanding debts.

Legal Documents Related to Your Marriage

You should bring copies of any legal documents pertaining to your marriage to your divorce consultation. For example, you should bring a copy of your marriage certificate. Presenting your marriage certificate aids your attorney in proving that you and your husband are legally wed so that a court may issue you a divorce. 

You should also bring your prenuptial agreement, if you have one. Having your prenup accessible will help your legal representation create a divorce agreement that considers previously made terms and any assets you may be entitled to per the agreement. 

Schedule Your Initial Consultation With a Knowledgeable Texas Divorce Attorney

Typically, divorce is challenging. The tensions it brings can elicit unwanted feelings and potential conflict. You are weathering a difficult storm, but you don’t have to go through it alone. When considering moving forward with a divorce, scheduling a consultation with a firm that understands what you’re experiencing is the best way to obtain a favorable outcome.

The Texas divorce lawyers at Stepp & Sullivan are dedicated to guiding you through your divorce. Our firm’s lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience securing favorable outcomes for their clients in both Texas and throughout the United States. By partnering with our legal team, you can be confident that you are working with a compassionate firm that is focused on helping you move on. Contact us today by calling (713) 336-7200 or completing our contact form.

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