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Protecting You & Your Family's Safety

What is the Difference Between Restraining & Protective Orders?

In Texas, these two terms have very different meanings. 

A protective order is a court order issued to protect a victim of family violence from further harm. It typically prohibits a family member from contacting or being near another family member. Protective orders apply to all types of family law situations, not just divorces.

Family court judges have discretion when tailoring a protective order. The judge can tailor a protective order broadly or narrowly based on an applicant's specific requests and what they determine to be in the best interests of the parties. The attorneys at Stepp & Sullivan will ensure swift legal action on your part and plead your best interest. 

A restraining order is a court order designed to regulate the behavior of parties to a divorce. Restraining orders can prohibit parties from emptying bank accounts, taking out new loans, or talking negatively to the other party.


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