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Houston Product Liability Lawyers


Every day, we use countless products to navigate our lives. From our cars to our smartphones to our prescription medications, we count on these products to work properly and, in doing so, make our lives easier, healthier, and safer. However, all too often, defective and faulty products make it onto the consumer market. When this happens, the consequences for consumers can be devastating.

At Stepp & Sullivan, P.C., we have more than 35 years of experience representing clients in product liability cases throughout the Houston area. Our Product Liability attorneys in Houston, Texas have handled high-damage cases, as well as mass torts involving multiple parties and widespread injury caused by defective and dangerous products. If you were injured or your loved one was killed by a poorly designed, improperly manufactured, or incorrectly labeled product, we can help.

Types of Product Defects

There are three primary ways in which a product can be “defective.” The type of defect a product has ultimately points to the liable party/parties.

The three main types of product defects are:

  • Design Defects: A product has a defective design if it is inherently unreasonably unsafe
    for consumer use. Some examples of defective design include SUVs that
    easily tip over, structurally unsound ladders, car tires that shred or
    “blowout” at high speeds, or power tools that lack proper
    safety guards.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Defective manufacturing occurs when a product is reasonably well designed,
    but an error or defect occurs during the manufacturing stage, making the
    product unsafe. Examples of manufacturing defects include pharmaceutical
    drugs that are contaminated during production or electronic devices that
    are wired incorrectly.
  • Marketing Defects: Somewhat of a misnomer, a marketing defect has less to do with the advertisement
    of a product and more to do with how it is labeled. If a product is lacking
    proper safety warnings (such as a choking hazard warning on a children’s
    toy or safety instructions on a hairdryer), it may have a marketing defect.

At Stepp & Sullivan, P.C., we conduct thorough investigative work and consult with various experts in order to determine what type of product defect led to an accident. From there, we are able to uncover who is liable for our clients’ injuries, pain, and suffering.

Product Liability Cases We Handle

Our Product Liability Law Firm in Houston, Texas has extensive experience handling a wide variety of product liability cases. We have secured fair settlements on behalf of our clients in single-case and multiple-party claims. When a fair settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to litigate your case, aggressively advocating for you in the trial.

We handle product liability cases involving:

  • Marine equipment failures
  • Offshore equipment failures
  • Flare stack defects
  • Aviation component failures
  • Large scale wood flooring defects
  • Large scale plastic piping failures
  • Defective household products
  • Faulty electronic devices/electrical wiring
  • Defective automobile parts

This list is by no means exhaustive; if you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, contact our product liability attorneys in Houston to find out how we can help.

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