COVID-19 Pandemic Changing the Way Divorces

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The Courts have changed how divorce business is being conducted since the COVID Pandemic closed our economy down. These changes are likely to continue, even after the pandemic passes.  Even though Courts have instituted new social distancing and virtual operations, couples are able to obtain a divorce quickly and efficiently in Houston using evolving technology solutions.

How Can Courtroom Technology Keep My Divorce on Track During this Public Health Crisis?  

The courts have modified their operations with most court operations being conducted virtually, via Zoom or other video platforms.

We expect that this virtual operation will continue.  The use of virtual courtrooms has been able to address the slight backlog of cases that arose due to the initial closure of the courts due to COVID, but, now that the Courts are comfortable with the virtual courtroom, the Courts have once again become efficient through the use of this technology.

How Does Technology Benefit My Divorce Proceedings in Houston?

One benefit of the virtual society that we are becoming, is that the Courts now will require that parties to a divorce or a suit affecting a child-parent relationship, to undergo mediation in the very early stages of the case.  This mediation can be held virtually, which makes the scheduling much easier, and the costs of such are decreased as a result of this format.

The benefit of the early mediation is that, after an initial review of the marital documents and financial disclosures, the parties can attempt to reach an amicable solution to their family law problems.

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