Help! I Do Not Want to Get Divorced!

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Have you been served with a Petition seeking to dissolve your marriage? Has your spouse filed for divorce?  If so, you probably fall into one of two groups of people. One is that you and your spouse have been discussing divorce, and you are not entirely surprised that you were served with the Petition for divorce.  The second group is where your spouse has filed suit, out of the blue, and you did not anticipate any such action.

If you have been blindsided by the divorce, it is likely that your spouse has been planning the divorce for some time and has already thought through it, and already knows how they wish it to progress. They have been through the emotional rollercoaster of planning the divorce and have already moved on. You, on the other hand, have not had the same chance. You have not had the time to come to terms with the divorce and have not had the time to deal with your emotions.

Your first reaction is probably anger and pain.

Then, you think, what can be done to “erase” the divorce, and make your life go back to the way it was before the filing. Unfortunately, your life will not go back to what it was prior to the divorce filing, and, in all honesty, you do not want it to go back to what it was prior to the divorce petition being filed.

You want it to change and be stronger and better.

How Can I Make My Texas Marriage Stronger Than Before?

You need to have two goals; one is to attempt to save your marriage and the other is to take steps to protect yourself.  Taking steps to protect yourself does not mean agreeing to the divorce and does not mean that a final divorce decree is inevitable.  There are many cases where a divorce is filed, but, during the divorce process, the couple decides to work together to reimagine the relationship; to rebuild the relationship.

If you find yourself in this type of a situation, where your spouse has filed for divorce, but you really do not want one, you cannot simply ignore the divorce petition.

You need to retain an attorney to answer and dispute the petition.

How Can a Houston Divorce Attorney Help Me Save My Marriage?

Your marriage will not come back just because you want it to. You will need to work at it, understand why your spouse filed for divorce, and work towards learning if there is any way you and your spouse can reach some middle ground, and find a way to rebuild the relationship.

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, and, since your spouse filed for divorce, it will be up to you to convince your spouse that an open discussion about your relationship is necessary and beneficial.  Once the petition is served, however, you cannot simply ignore the legal process in hopes of your spouse having this discussion with you.

You need a lawyer to protect your legal rights, but your lawyer can also ask the Court to order counseling.

If you or your spouse refuse to or are unable to discuss the issues in your relationship without getting emotional, or angry, you can request that the Court order counseling. The use of court-ordered counseling can give you the chance to address issues in the relationship, and, since it is court-ordered, your legal rights, in the underlying divorce, can still be protected.

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