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Legal Representation for Child Custody and Visitation Cases in Houston, TX

At Stepp & Sullivan, we work hard to ensure that both sides remember that the child is the real focus in any custody dispute. 

Child custody is divided into two parts:

  •  Physical Custody - where the child lives
  •  Legal Custody - decision making involving the health, education, and welfare of the child

Any arrangement of the above is possible. Each can be the sole responsibility of one party or shared jointly.   


Here are a few of the situations in which we can help you:

  •  Enforcement by a noncustodial parent of a visitation agreement
  •  Relocation, moving and international custody issues
  •  Modification of the parenting plan by a noncustodial parent
  •  Modification of a visitation schedule by a parent with full or primary custody
  •  Grandparents seeking visitation rights with their grandchildren
  •  Protecting the rights of non-biological parents in same-sex couples

Joint Custody or Sole Custody

We take to trial only those cases in which we believe litigation is the best option. For those cases where trial may not be appropriate, we will counsel you and work diligently to negotiate an amicable resolution. 

Emergency Applications for Custody

Seeking emergency temporary child custody may be appropriate under the following circumstances:

  •  If you believe your “ex” is going to relocate with your child without your permission or the court’s consent
  •  If you notice signs of abuse or neglect 
  •  If the child is in imminent danger 

Our law firm can help you understand the process of seeking emergency temporary child custody to protect your child. If you are going through a child custody related issues, call our office in Houston, TX to set up a confidential consultation: (713) 336-7200.

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