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If you are in the divorce process or considering separation from your spouse, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of getting your assets divided fairly or in your favor. This may be complicated if one spouse has technically earned more asset value than the other. What issues might come about during asset division in Houston? Should co-owned or commingled property be handled differently? Is it wise to hire a Houston asset division lawyer for help?

If you don’t know what steps to take during your divorce and asset division, our team of family attorneys at Stepp & Sullivan may be able to help. Our lawyers have over 40 years of combined experience, meaning we have the tools and resources you may need to reach favorable results within the legal process. We pride ourselves on supporting our clients through each step of the asset division process, and we may be able to assist you as well. For more information about efficiently handling your asset division, please continue reading for our input and suggestions.

Common Issues in Houston Asset Division

You may encounter several issues if you intend to start the asset division process. Depending on your circumstances, several complications may arise. Especially if you work on your asset division without a lawyer, you may struggle to divide the assets fairly and favorably. Some common issues in Houston asset division may include the following:

  • Co-owned or commingled property
  • Finding hidden assets
  • Retirement plans, including funds
  • Debt division
  • Investments, including stocks and NFTs
  • Inherited assets
  • Personal assets
  • Business division

To ensure you receive your fair share of assets, we strongly recommend you speak with an asset division and family lawyer who serves the Houston area. Your Houston asset division attorney may help you in several ways during the asset division process, including avoiding mistakes and streamlining the process overall.

How to Handle Commingled Property During Asset Division in Houston

If you and your spouse or domestic partner potentially have co-owned property, you may experience some difficulty determining how these assets should be handled and divided. Especially if you are navigating this complicated process independently, it isn’t difficult to make a mistake or short-change yourself. Some common commingled properties might include real estate, vehicles, marriage assets, and gifted inheritances.

To simplify the process, we strongly recommend working with a qualified asset division lawyer serving the Houston area. Your lawyer is likely to help you maintain or attack prenuptial agreements and establish other strong defenses in your favor. They are also much more likely to avoid mistakes and reduce stress for you and anyone involved in the process.

What Steps Should You Take During Asset Division in Houston?

Suppose you want to start the asset division and divorce process. In that case, especially if this is your first time navigating this complicated and confusing circumstance, you may not know what steps to follow. Each marriage and separation process is unique, so you may experience complications with each encounter. If this feels familiar, we recommend you consider our suggestions.

Collect Information About Your Finances

Like other legal processes, you may want to collect evidence and information related to your circumstances. During asset division, this information should be related to your finances. We recommend you collect all the information you can about your finances. 

If you have access to this information, you may also want to collect financial evidence from your spouse. This may include information about stocks, real estate, vehicles, digital assets and NFTs, inheritances, and more. Information about your wages and earnings may also be helpful, depending on your circumstances.

Speak With a Houston Asset Division Lawyer

We recommend speaking with an asset division and family lawyer if you need help with this aspect of separation or divorce. Asset division is complex, and we don’t recommend handling the details without the help of an experienced specialist. Your lawyer may be able to assist you in several ways, including the following:

  • Strategize tailored next steps
  • Legal knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Defense tactics
  • Collect and analyze information about your finances
  • Handle other legal representatives
  • Speak on your behalf
  • Investigation
  • Maximizing your potential asset collection
  • Provide you with helpful information and resources
  • Refer you to other helpful professionals

If you want to take part in legal proceedings for asset division, we recommend you refrain from representing yourself. Your lawyer is far more likely to help you receive the assets you rightfully deserve. We recommend you speak with an attorney at your earliest convenience to improve the probability of favorable results. This may help your lawyer establish a strong strategy and make well-informed decisions about your defense.

Keep Your Assets With Stepp & Sullivan’s Houston Asset Division Lawyers

If you need help with your asset division or other aspects of your divorce, Stepp & Sullivan family lawyers may be able to help. Our Houston asset division attorneys have the skills and resources to assist clients across the USA, meaning we may assist you even if you are outside Houston, Texas. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in law, so our clients trust us to give them the results they rightfully deserve. We are also dedicated to supporting our clients through every step of the legal process.

To discuss your circumstances and other details as well as receive additional helpful information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. You can get in touch with us by calling (713) 336-7200 or completing our contact form. We recommend speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible to increase your odds of favorable results. Our team looks forward to speaking with you and fighting for what you rightfully deserve.

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