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If you have been served with divorce papers and those papers contain orders from the Court or a temporary injunction against you, you probably have questions about what they mean, and what you can do about them.

The beginning stages of any divorce can be contentious and confusing, but that does not mean that court orders should be ignored or dismissed.

If you were served with an order from the court, and have questions about how it affects your day-to-day activities, contact our Houston family law attorneys at Stepp & Sullivan, P.C. today.

What Does a Temporary Injunction Accomplish During a Houston Divorce?

When your spouse filed for divorce, they asked that the Court enter orders preventing you from taking a wide variety of actions. Some of the actions which you may be prevented from taking probably upset you.  However, until the order is changed, you must abide by them. There are numerous issues that a Court can enter at the beginning g of a divorce.

Some of these issues prevent a spouse from:

  • Communicating in any vulgar, profane, or another manner in an offensive way or intending to annoy or alarm the spouse.
  • Threatening the spouse in any way.
  • Calling the spouse anonymously, at any hour, to annoy or alarm the spouse.
  • Threatening the spouse or children.
  • Doing anything that will harm the value of, or transfer ownership of, or delete the value of, any property.
  • Falsifying any documents or taking any action to hide or destroy any property, or any electronic property or information, including emails, social media posts, text messages, and the like.
  • Spending cash in any way unless authorized by the Court.
  • Changing or modifying any retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, life insurance accounts, and similar accounts.
  • Changing or modifying any credit accounts or executing any checks or other negotiable instruments in your spouse’s name.
  • Changing any utility service to the marital home and requiring you to pay the rent or mortgage payments as well as all utility and upkeep payments.
  • Changing the use of your vehicles and requiring the continued payment of auto insurance.
  • Preventing you from having custody of your children and requiring temporary support be made for your children.

Why Doesn’t My Court Order Restrict Both Parties?

These are just an example of the types of orders that the Court can enter. Of course, when you read them, you probably see them as one-sided, and only restricting you. You may also see them as being unreasonable and placing all the burden on you and none on your spouse. When faced with such an Order, you need to obtain legal help in Houston, from Texas lawyers, who can assist you in modifying the Order, so that it is mutual, and changing some of the financial terms so that they more accurately reflect the reality of your marriage’s finances.

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