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Child Custody Attorneys in Houston, TX

Going through a divorce in Texas is a challenging and emotional process that is often made more difficult when children are involved. It is not uncommon for parents to dispute child custody, and often, each party in the divorce must hire a lawyer who handles custody and other disputes to represent them. At Stepp & Sullivan, P.C., our Houston child custody and visitation lawyers have worked closely with parents from all walks of life who need competent legal counsel during a divorce. There are many crucial decisions to be made in a divorce, and, without legal representation, you can miss out on opportunities for decisions regarding child custody and visitation to work in your favor.

Legal Representation in Child Custody and Visitation Matters in Houston, Texas

At Stepp & Sullivan, we work hard to ensure that both sides remember that the child is the real focus in any custody dispute. When deciding child custody, the court will always consider the child’s best interests.

Child custody is divided into two parts:

  • Physical Custody – where the child lives
  • Legal Custody – decision making involving the health, education, and welfare of the child

Any arrangement of the above is possible. Each can be the sole responsibility of one party or shared jointly.

Choose Quality Counsel for Child Custody and Visitation in Houston

The dedicated Houston child custody attorneys with Stepp & Sullivan, P.C. have more than 70 years of combined experience advocating for parents involved in divorce proceedings. Our Houston child custody attorney team is known for delivering quality, personalized services that get results. Attorney Jad J. Stepp is an AV-rated attorney by Martindale-Hubble and has a 10 rating on Avvo. Our family law attorney is a member of the Texas State Bar and aims to help you achieve your goals in divorce disputes. For a confidential consultation, call (713) 336-7200 or complete our contact form.

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