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The CONCEPTION lawsuit – what you need to know

The Conception Dive Boat Lawsuit – What You Need to Know about Truth Aquatics Legal Filing to Limit Their Liability

Any claims that are not filed appropriately within the deadline period will be barred.  The Owners of the ...
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Conception Dive Boat Fire

An Analysis of the NTSB’s Preliminary Report on the CONCEPTION Tragedy

View PDF of Report This morning, September 12, 2019, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued its Preliminary ...
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What is a Limitation of Liability Act filing?

Recently, the Owners of the dive boat CONCEPTION filed what is known as a Limitation of Liability Act ...
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Criminal Probes and Boat Accidents – What Does it Mean?

What happens when a criminal probe is launched into a boat accident, and what does it mean for ...
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10 Questions to ask before boarding a commercial boat

Ten questions to ask before boarding a commercial boat for a short cruise or tour

Oftentimes, people attend onboard boats for local harbor tours, dinner cruises, dive tours, whale watching tours and the ...
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Commercial Boat Owner’s Responsibilities to Their Passengers

Commercial boat owners and operators are held to a higher duty of care Commercial boat owners and operators ...
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